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Pet Pal Description

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Pet Pal description

Home Pet People is a home and pet-sitting agency that advertises to secure clients who are going away fromhome for holiday, business, family needs, going into hospital or for any other reason.

We require sitters to reside in the clients’ homes and look after their home, pets and gardens (if required)during their absence. It is probable that the sitter will not want to sit full time and we expect that two weekssitting per month will be sufficient, although we can be flexible on the amount of work. The sitters will be self-employed and will be paid by the Client directly. Sitters can either operate alone or with a partner, but onlyone sitting fee will be paid. Sitters need to be mature, reliable, trustworthy and, of course, animal lovers. Thegreater their experience of looking after different animals, the more readily the agency will be able toprovide work.

The agency will insure the sitter for public and professional indemnity. A full copy of the policy is available on request. We suggest you are aware of what the policy covers sitters for. You may wish to take out additional insurance.

We require the sitter, upon final selection, to sign an agreement to abide by our Code of Practice which is asfollows:1. NEVER to accept direct bookings from Clients who have been secured by the Agency, to do so wouldbe deemed to be a serious breach of contract.2. To attend a Client meeting prior to the assignment without pay but with expenses to be paid by theclient.3. To clearly establish the Client’s exact requirements for the assignment using a prepared checklist.4. To live in the Client’s house for the duration of the assignment, and time away from the pets andproperty to be a maximum of four hours per day (during the daytime only).5. To ensure the Client’s house and pets are safe and secure during the assignment and the pets are caredfor according to the Client’s instructions.6. To maintain the Client’s house in a clean and tidy manner and carry out any special instructions agreedwith the Client at the pre-meeting. On departure, to leave the pets groomed and the house as cleanand tidy as it was before the assignment.7. To arrive punctually for the assignment and ensure the Client’s satisfaction on departure.8. Not to have any visitors during the assignment without the prior agreement of the Client – nor to haveany form of party at all.9. In an emergency, to follow the Client’s instructions given at the pre-meeting and to report to theAgency.10. To contact the Agency immediately if unable to complete the assignment for any reason (illness, familyproblems etc.) so that arrangements can be made by the Agency to cover the absence.11. Not to drive the Client’s vehicles unless so instructed and only if certain that comprehensive insurancecover exists. Company Reg. No: 4350186. Director: F K Kienstra12. Not to ride horses without the permission of the Client. To keep dogs on a lead for at least the first dayand thereafter if instructed by the Client. To check all fencing personally. To check all animals head totoe on arrival.13. To keep a record of any phone calls made and reimburse the Client for any of a private nature.14. To inform the Client at the end of the assignment of any breakages or damage to the Client’s property.15. To report to the Client any developments at the end of the assignment, including passing on anymessages.16. To collect from the Client the sitting charge and travelling expenses at 45p per mile.17. Not to take other assignments or pet care (such as dog walking) whilst on an Agency assignment.18. To conduct themselves throughout the assignment as the responsible, thoughtful, kind and consideratepeople they are and as the Agency promote them.

PAY SCALES1. Sitting fee for a home only or a home with one pet – to be paid by the client at completion of theassignment. Please refer to the Banding and Rates document.2. Travelling expenses at 45p per mile.3. Bank Holidays attract additional payments as follows:• Easter, Spring and August Bank Holidays carry a £10 supplement.• For Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day the sitting fee is charged at double rate.

4. GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations, effective from 25th May 2018. Your personal data is protected by Home Pet People and as, and when appropriate, is shared between Home Pet People, Client and Sitter.