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Home Sitter Horror Stories!

a stressed lady

Home Sitter Horror Stories!

a stressed lady

You might be thinking this is a bit of an odd topic for a home sitter to be covering? Believe me, I deliberated about writing it! But the truth is, we are all aware of stories where your pet care just hasn’t lived up to your expectations. And even if you haven’t had this experience, I expect you are wondering ‘how do I know I can trust my pet sitter?’. The truth is, you NEED to ask yourself this and make sure you are happy with the answer!


For a tongue in cheek but hilarious take on just how bad it can get check out Rowan Atkinson in Man vs Bee


Should I use an agency or a sole trader?

It surprises me that some of the biggest players in the pet care industry do very little background checking at all. On the surface it looks like they’re doing a great job and on the whole, this seems to be the case. But there are the unlucky few who do end up with a less than scrupulous sitter. It’s often these home owners who wind up contacting an agency like Home Pet People, simply because we do the heavy lifting for you.

What checks can I do myself?

If you’re looking for a trustworthy pet sitter our basic advise is to do your due diligence:

  • Get information and references, do they have a background check?
  • Do they have experience and a proven track record?
  • What is their motivation for wanting to house sit
  • Do they have an online presence?
  • Are their values aligned with yours?
  • What is your feel about this person?
  • Do they ask questions and complete paperwork about your home and pets?
  • What are their interests?
  • Do they love animals or have any experience in caring for pets?

This list probably feels like common sense but believe it or not, can be quite tricky. By the time you’ve made holiday plans, finding the right pet care can feel like another chore.

That’s exactly why company’s like Home Pet People exist. We are experts in finding, vetting and training home and pet sitters.  We’re a close knit team with a professional approach and local service.  Get in touch and secure your free ‘meet and greet’ with one of our trusted house sitters.