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Keeping Your Pets Safe at Christmas

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Keeping Your Pets Safe at Christmas

Keep Christmas tree light cables out of reach or get a cable guard they can’t chew through, because they will try!

Vacuum regularly to reduce the risk of pine needles being ingested by your pets
Poinsettias, mistletoe, holly and the sap from your Christmas tree are all extremely toxic to cats and dogs

Don’t give chocolate to your pets, it contains the obromine which is toxic to dogs and cats.

Remember, edible decorations on your tree, will be sniffed out and pulled down. Dogs have 300 million receptors in their noses, humans have 6 million, proportionally 40 times greater than us!!

If you think that a gift contains food or chocolate, don’t leave it under the tree. Your pets might open it before you get the chance and eat something that’s dangerous to them.

Don’t give your pet cooked turkey or chicken bones as they can splinter and cause serious injury to your pet.
Raw chicken/turkey wings, on the other hand are fine and good for your dog’s teeth and digestion, it’s a natural part of their diet. These must be ‘fresh or carefully unfrozen’, to avoid the risk of salmonella.

Most important of all, have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year.
If our sitters are looking after your home and your pets, for the Christmas and New Year period, you can be sure that your dogs and cats and of course any indoor pets, will be very safe and well loved by our sitters whilst you are away on holiday.

A very Happy Christmas to all our loyal clients and to all pet lovers out there too!