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Christmas message and more…

We wish all our existing clients and prospective new clients too, of course, a very Happy Christmas 2016 and a wonderful New Year too!


Whilst not wishing to be doom and gloom at this festive family time of year, we would like to remind you all that Christmas can be difficult for our four legged friends.

Why buying a puppy for Christmas is a really bad idea!

Getting a new pet on Christmas day would seem to be a lovely idea for your children, but it’s not great for the pets. Christmas time can be a stressful time for pets – noisy, lots of people coming and going, all clamouring to hold the new bundle of fur; excitement, parties, decorations…..all of these things can be stressful for a pet at the best of times. Moving into a new home is stressful enough, so bring a new pet into the house at a quieter time in the New Year instead.

Also, Christmas is a wonderful time for us humans, but sometimes we are so caught up in the festivities we forget about the dangers to our pets.

Please be aware that the following are hazards for our furry friends, dogs in particular.

  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Macadamia nuts
    (all of the above are extremely toxic to dogs)
  • Cooked bones from the Christmas roast
  • Mistletoe and holly berries
  • Christmas tree baubles

All are toxic/dangerous for our much loved pals, so please keep them out of harm’s way!