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Checking for ticks on your dogs and cats
black dog
All this paperwork to do and not even a biscuit with my coffee!

Hello everyone, isn’t it great to have some good weather at last?! I have been rolling around in the grass, having fun in the sun.

However, the long wet winter has brought an unprecedented level of ticks, lurking in the long grass and the woodlands, so please watch out for them. Do check your dogs and cats regularly and treat them with the preparations that are put onto our necks and shoulders, the effects last for a month and also mean that we don’t get fleas either.

Ticks come in a variety of sizes depending on how old they are and how recently they have fed, from the size of a pin head up to around the size of a fingernail. They are oval or rounded in appearance, and come in a range of colours from a pale cream up to a fairly deep dark grey or brown, and everything in between.

Generally, the appearance of a tick on your pet’s skin will look like a small rounded pebble, as once a tick has attached itself to your pet you will be unable to see their legs or the probe which they use to pierce the skin with.

We can contract nasty infections from these nasty little arachnids, especially if they are not removed correctly, leaving the mouth parts behind. There is a special tool available very cheaply from pet shops/online, it is turned anti-clockwise, (the ticks bury their heads into your pet by turning clockwise), clever little devils aren’t they?

See photo below.

ticks removal