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Are the changes in winter weather patterns influencing our pets’ behaviour?

black LabradorThis month I am paying tribute to our lost friend Jet the Labrador, who died age 13, at the end of January. As you see, he was a very handsome boy and is very much missed by our clients, his owners, not to mention our pet sitters, who all loved this gorgeous dog.

Sue has been researching various articles about the change in winter weather patterns over the last 5 years and its effect on pets’ behaviour, dogs in particular.

Some leading pet behaviourists have reported unprecedented levels of depressed, unsettled dogs in recent months. It seems that ‘some’ pet owners, also suffering from the effects of the grey, wet muddy weather, have cut down on the length and frequency of the daily walks, which are crucial in keeping our dogs’ spirits up.

One leading pet behaviourist has reported a level of unrest in dogs, totally unprecedented in her 20 year career, working with pets, dogs in particular. She has even seen horses not coping with the wet and the mud very well, happy to be returned to the stables, instead of sliding around in the mud and the rain.

It seems quite a number of dog owners are happy to walk on cold, frosty and dry days, but not when it’s soggy wet and horrible!

As it looks like we are in for years of dreary wet winters, rather than crisp cold ones, this needs to be addressed before our four legged friends start destroying the house and asking for Valium!!

pet at home
I know it’s raining, but the magic word beginning with a “W”, is all I need to make me happy again!

So let’s remember, whatever the weather, our dogs need to “Get their heads down, sniff around and engage with the environment”, using their brains as well as their bodies.

We are enjoying some lovely dry frosty days at the moment, but please get the wellies and the wet weather gear out next time we are deluged!!!!