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Polly’s Blog December 2015
“ I have all this typing to do and they expect coffee as well!”

Here I am again after a very long absence, so a December hello to all our friends!

A brief reminder for you about all the delicious smelling foodstuffs and treats, around at Christmas, that are toxic to us dogs, (and cats too), in particular chocolates, blue cheeses, Christmas cake and nuts.

We dogs can easily sniff out a well wrapped box of chocolates, hiding under the tree, because you poor humans only have 5 million scent receptors in your noses, we have over 200 million!

Do also ensure that sure that Poinsettia plants and Mistletoe are kept well away, we like to chew and these would give us very upset tummies.

One of our wonderful dog sitters, Bob Maddox painted the portrait below, of the beautiful Simba, who sadly died in the autumn.

This is our tribute to a noble pet, much loved, both by his owners and our pet sitters too.


We wish all our friends a very Happy Christmas and remember:-

“If humans had hearts like dogs, the world would be a peaceful place.”

See you in 2016!