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Dogs and sticks

polly_the_dogHello Readers,

This ball chasing that you humans seem to insist we take part in, is a tiring pastime you know, AND I only do it to please everyone, I don’t really enjoy it all!

Here we are barely into spring and everyone in the office is fretting about Christmas bookings already! So, here I am reminding you, that if you do plan a holiday at Christmas or New Year, we do get booked up very quickly; it is never too early to reserve a pet sitter with us.

We had a potentially nasty incident involving a client’s Labrador, this month, so this is a helpful hint to anyone out there who doesn’t realise quite how lethal twigs and small tree branches can be.

This particular dog, whilst in the care of our sitters, picked up and ran with a stick, he stumbled and said stick broke in his mouth. Our sitters reported back to the office that they couldn’t see or feel anything in his mouth, but the following morning, we had an unusually quiet and poorly dog, to rush to the vet.

A small piece of the woody bark had stuck in his soft palate, causing a bad infection and involving an overnight stay plus a course of antibiotics.

We always recommend that owners actively discourage their dogs from picking up sticks and also stones, which can lodge in the stomach, again causing real problems. If your dog has a tendency to do this, simply get them to drop the stick and offer a throwing toy or a tugging toy instead; always better safe than sorry.