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Hello everyone, Polly here again

married_coupleI thought you would like a photo reminiscent of sunnier days, now that we are into autumn! As you see, we also have yet another wedding, this time our lovely pet sitter, Kay Cameron is now Mrs. Harry Walker. Not only are we pets wonderful companions, we play Cupid too.

We are approaching November 5th and I have a few tips to help you with all my fearful friends out there, including Casper the cat, he hates me but I will win him over one day!

Helpful Hints for our four legged friends:

  • Create a cosy, snug ‘den’ for us to hide if we need to; make it attractive with treats or a favourite toy.
  • Close the curtains and keep all the lights on, turning up the radio /T.V. to muffle the loud bangs.
  • If we are trying to settle down give us along lasting chew or a Kong filled with healthy treats, to focus on.
  • When we are fearful, please don’t follow us around or cuddle us; your attentive behaviour just makes us think there is something to worry about. Also consoling and reassuring us makes us think that showing our anxiety is the correct way to behave!
  • Some of my friends have very extreme reactions; there are good medicines, obtainable from your vet to help keep us calm.
  • Any outdoor pets, in pens/aviaries, for example, it is a good idea to partly cover with a thick blanket and a waterproof cover to soundproof plus block out some of those scary flashes.

sues_dog_oct2014I hope this is useful, personally, I like to run into the garden, try to catch the lights and bark at the bangs.

Goodness you humans have some funny ways to enjoy yourselves, what’s wrong with a rubber ball and a tug toy, I say.

Have fun anyway and be careful out there!