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Hello again to all lovely human beings and potential clients reading my blog!

pollyI, Polly, made sure everyone was working so hard in July & August we had no time for my news.  So, here we are at last in September.

I hope you all like the photos of our pet sitters who got married this year.  Who needs a dating site – all you need are four legged friends like me to bring people together.  All of us at While You’re Away Ltd wish our newly married sitters every happiness.

Just a little thought for you to ponder on; having a dog to share your life is like looking after a toddler that never grows up.  It isn’t for everyone; if you have any doubts, then don’t even consider inviting one of my brothers & sisters into your life.  But, if you enjoy “well disciplined” fun, dogs will give you great joy in return.  To be able to fully command a dog’s love is to build a loyalty that will surpass anything life can throw at you.

See you in October, I promise you.

wedding2_2    wedding1                                      Karen & Colin Price                                                  Pamela & Don Yates