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A very late June blog!

PollyEverybody is very busy with summer bookings.  You can see, by the expression on my face, I have to do the filing again!

I would like to introduce you to Bob Maddox, one of our sitters.  Bob is a pet portrait artist (he is so busy with clients that I am still waiting for my personal pet portrait!)

If any of our clients are interested in Bob’s work, please contact us here, at While You’re Away Ltd on 0845 450 4999 or 01952 461020, and we will be happy to send details, including prices.

Bob’s Blog.

I’ve been working with pastels since 2005 when Belinda & I were lucky enough to live in a small village in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain’s Granada Province.  The villages, landscape and people of the region bought out the latent artist in me and after experimenting with watercolour and oils, I found that pastels were the ideal medium for me to capture something of the wild, extravagant beauty of the place and its people.

Working with Sue and Rosey at While You’re Away Ltd has given me the opportunity to meet and paint other interesting characters!  I work from photographs and my aim is to produce high quality work at very affordable prices.  Maybe you have a favourite photograph of your pet which you would like me to paint?  Please see some examples of my work below.